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How To Prep For 1-BR Unit Hunting In Alexandria

Photo of 5904 Mount Eagle Dr #909 Do you want to learn what to do to prepare for place shopping in the tough 22303 in Alexandria real estate market? Photo of 5904 Mount Eagle Dr #909 Know that there’s no “great” time to pick up a home. If you find the perfect small home today, you don't want to risk losing it because you believe you can predict where the interest rates are going in Alexandria tomorrow. Factors like market price and interest rate usually don’t change fast enough to make a meaningful difference in an individual unit’s price in Alexandria. A much bigger factor in your purchase is the property itself. Every single property in Alexandria is unique. So, a home for sale today, might not be available when the market changes. Don't confuse yourself with too many opinions. A bit of encouragement is helpful, but it's hard to hear you're own thoughts, if you're taking in advice from many people. Give the most weight to your own needs and wants as well as the needs and wants of others who will be living in (or paying for) the home. Photo of 5904 Mount Eagle Dr #909 Start with the assumption that no unit is ever perfect. There are many examples of compromises that buyers have to make every day. Consider a few of these possibilities. The association doesn't have enough amenities, but the association fee is low.The living room may be perfect, but the bathroom needs an update. We'll prioritize a list of needs and wants, and focus on properties in Alexandria that fit your specified criteria. Photo of 5904 Mount Eagle Dr #909 Don't negotiate yourself out of your ideal home. We have a very efficient real estate market in Fairfax County and most homes will trade for about what they are worth. There are very few properties that sell for more or less than the appraised value.Alexandria is filled with sellers who are well-educated, intelligent and they have access to loads of information. Photo of 5904 Mount Eagle Dr #909 Remember your home doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Don’t get so caught up in the physical aspects of the house itself that you forget about important issues such as:
  • metro accessibility
  • privacy
  • parks
Photo of 5904 Mount Eagle Dr #909 Organize yourself now. Don't put off these tasks. Before you shop you should:
  • investigate insurance
  • list your priorities
  • figure your budget
  • select a Realtor
I can help with the purchase process. Even if you just need to talk to learn more about how to go forward, please don’t hesitate to call. Phone me if you’d like to learn more about 5904 Mount Eagle Dr #909. Photo of 5904 Mount Eagle Dr #909   Read More about 5904 Mount Eagle Dr #909 Nothing found Our agents have the experience and local knowledge to find your dream home. No one knows more about the local real estate market than Nesbitt Realty.

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