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Northam Urges Virginians To Take Precautions During Current COVID-19 Pandemic

As of Monday morning, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus pandemic in Virginia is 45. In a call Sunday, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam confirmed the state’s total, saying: “This is serious. Everyone needs to take this seriously.” According to, "Northam was particularly concerned about the part of southeastern Virginia known as the Peninsula, which includes cities such as Newport News, Hampton, and Williamsburg, where there has been a concentration of cases, including the location of the first death, which was announced Saturday." Northam said, "The health of Virginians in our communities is our most important priority right now,” Northam said. He noted that the state is banning events which include 100 people or more, and in Peninsula region, he urged people to avoid “public gatherings of all kinds, and if you’re planning to go to a church, bar or restaurant [in that area], I would encourage you not to do it." As per, "Northam was asked how close the state is to mandating a quarantine. "This is a very fluid and dynamic situation, we have not mandated a quarantine, but we are encouraging people to avoid public gatherings of any kind. If you’re planning an event with several people, you should cancel it, period", the governor said.

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