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$30K Donated By EagleForce Warrior Foundation

Capital Caring Health is a local nonprofit provider of elder health, hospice, and advanced illness care. It received a $30K donation from EagleForce Warrior Foundation to launch the provider's 'So No One Dies Alone Program' for Veterans from Northern Virginia and nearby areas and their families. Cheryl Campbell, CEO, The EagleForce Warrior Foundation said, "We recognize the sacrifices made by our military and their families, and we're proud to be a part of this new program ensuring our Veteran heroes are surrounded by the compassionate presence of another human being as they near the end of life".
Antonia Garrett, Vice President, Public Affairs and Strategic Partnerships, Capital Caring Health
According to the Alexandria Gazette Packet, "Through the Foundation's signature “Vet Jets Program” families and loved ones who do not have the financial resources to cover travel expenses to be with their Armed Forces Veteran nearing the end of life, will be provided private and commercial air travel to be at their bedside. Ground transportation expenses are included." As per the Alexandria Gazette Packet, "The program ensures Veterans the opportunity to experience an important component of the end of life. "The humanity, solace, and comfort found in the presence of another human being," said Jason Parsons, Vice President of Public Affairs and Philanthropy at Capital Caring Health."

Properties in Porto Vecchio

1250 S Washington St #114


1250 S Washington St #814


1250 S Washington St #215


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