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Alexandria Provides Shelter For Animals Across The Country

Life wasn’t full of hope for an eight-year-old shepherd mix known as Henry. Arriving as a stray at a shelter in Hardy County, W.Va., Henry had suffered from neglect most of his life. He tested positive for Lyme disease and severe anemia caused by worms, he had a baseball-sized tumor on his abdomen, dental disease and his nails were so long they had grown in circles. According to The Connection Newspapers, "But Henry’s life was about to get much better. A rescue group is known as Potomac Highlands Animal Rescue (PHAR), which regularly works with the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria (AWLA), saw a brighter future for him. In an arrangement with the West Virginia shelter, PHAR set him up with medical care and a stay in a local foster home. After learning about Henry, the AWLA agreed to take him." As per The Connection Newspapers, "Henry, who by then was known as Henry IV, proved to be a laid-back resident of the AWLA, serving for a while as an “office dog,” but he didn’t languish at the shelter. “Henry was adopted by a wonderful family who contacted me and said he is the most perfect, docile boy,” recalls Chestina Merriner, a longtime PHAR volunteer who had “recruited” Henry at the county facility."

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