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Pay Increase Approved For Government Employees In Alexandria

A 1.5 percent pay rate increase for Alexandria city government employees was approved by City Council Tuesday as public safety unions have sounded the alarm about the city's pay competitiveness. The city manager had proposed the pay rate increase and one-time bonuses. City Council amended the proposal to offer a one-time $3,000 bonus to all eligible full-time city and state-paid employees rather than the city manager's proposed $1,000. Part-time employees will receive a prorated bonus. According to, "The proposal also included a two-grade increase for police captains and police lieutenants, a one-grade increase for deputy sheriff captains and deputy sheriff lieutenants, moving deputy fire chiefs and chief deputy sheriffs to the executive pay scale, and $3,000 bonuses for city-funded deputy sheriff positions for which the state didn't provide the bonus. The components of the proposal had been in the original fiscal year 2021 budget proposal. However, those components were removed from the budget proposal due to COVID-19 impacting city revenue projections. City Manager Mark Jinks noted the uncertainty about city tax revenues when the employee pay rate increase and other items were removed from the fiscal year 2021 budget. The approved budget froze pay and hiring." As per, "The city will also see an "extra cost" from the start of collective bargaining, according to Jinks. Collective bargaining will begin to impact the city budget in fiscal year 2024. Discussions about employee compensation are expected to continue at the City Council retreat."

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