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101 Quay St, Alexandria Real Estate Dispatch

$2,695,000 Advertised For Sale At 101 Quay St In The City of Alexandria

Is it crazy to pay $2,700,000 for a very large super luxury place of residence like 101 Quay St in Alexandria? As a matter of fact, the last thing you want to do is fall in love with an end unit townhouse you can't afford. Before you ever set foot in 101 Quay St, Stuart Nesbitt can help you determine if this home is within your price range. Moreover, there are always problems in 22314 in the City of Alexandria real estate.  On the other hand, a hard-working specialist like Stuart can guide you to manage or avoid many of the dangers  associated with buying an end unit townhouse in 22314 in Alexandria. Continue reading "101 Quay St, Alexandria Real Estate Dispatch"
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126 Prince St, Alexandria Real Estate Announcement

Market Update: in the NOVA region 22314 :-: $1,750,000

So, is 126 Prince St the property for you? Maybe. Do you need 3 full baths and 2 half baths? Are you shopping for a $1,749,000 3-bedroom home in 22314 in Alexandria? Can you afford $1,749,000? Is it actually worth $1,836,450 or $1,661,550? How would you like Nesbitt Realty to rebate you $10,809 on this purchase? Reach out to Julie Nesbitt to learn more from a solid ace on 22314 real estate. Continue reading "126 Prince St, Alexandria Real Estate Announcement"
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209 Gibbon St, Alexandria VA 22314 For Sale

{Size_Adjective caps=true} {Beds}-Bedroom $1,695,000 - Alexandria VA 22314

Purchasing a home similar to 209 Gibbon St will probably be the most important purchase a resident of 22314 will make in their life. Moreover, as a local agent, Will Nesbitt will be a hard-working advocate who understands the information and noncognitive support that buyers need if discovering and buying a property in 22314 in the City of Alexandria. Of course, there are many dangers to avoid and overcome. But, a real estate professional not unlike Will Nesbitt has the answers and can help reduce your hassle from the buying process. Continue reading "209 Gibbon St, Alexandria VA 22314 For Sale"
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Locating A Mid-sized Luxury Property In 22314

As might be expected, you can find a mid-sized luxury property in the Northern Virginia area. But there are only a limited number of luxury end unit townhouses in Alexandria, Virginia. Perhaps one of them is the ideal end unit townhouse for you. If it's not 411 S Lee St, then it might be one of the properties listed below. Phone Julie Nesbitt to learn more from your ace on The City of Alexandria real estate. Continue reading "Locating A Mid-sized Luxury Property In 22314"

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